The Season Is Changing!  The Season Is Changing!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Nov 1, 2017

For two years after you quit smoking (and, I have found, sometimes much longer), you will probably have a smoking memory when the seasons change.  I believe this is because you only experience these four times a year, so you haven't formed  new routines and associations yet.


I especially felt this the first time I raked leaves. I was used to taking a break with a bottle of ice water and a smoke. What I had was not really a craving, but more than just a memory! I came up with the idea of a small, ice cold Pepsi over crushed ice as a substitute.  I don't drink soda anymore, so it really is a treat.


Your memory might be sitting on the deck with your favorite warm beverage in the crisp fall air, or taking a break from apple picking at the farm, or after doing fall clean up yard work.,or taking a walk through the new fallen, colorful, crunchy leaves. You might want to think about a plan for what you will do differently THIS Fall!


Be prepared, not surprised!  Plan!