D@mn Mosquitoes

Blog Post created by YoungAtHeart on Jul 21, 2020

The blog by MarilynH this morning got me to thinking.  I have made LOTS of good choices when it comes to dodging my allergic reaction to mosquito bites - to no avail.  I am paying for Mosquito Joe (which I hate having to use), wearing either long sleeves and pants when I work outside or dosing myself with awful-smelling repellent (Skin So Soft by Avon doesn't do a thing) thus having to take more showers than I care to innumerate to get rid of THAT stank, not going out in the early morning or at dusk, having a fan blowing on me when I am out on my porch.   AND one (or more) or those b@stards must have gotten into the house with the result I have no less than 18 half dollar size welts whose itching has kept me up half the night for the past two nights.  I am taking Benadryl 24 x 7, using a Rx cortisone cream, and I STILL have to put ice on them at least 4 x a day to not lose my mind.  I have tried a vinegar and alcohol solution, salt, Benadryl cream, and STILL the itching goes on and on and on.

Reminds me of the first two weeks of my quit with the constant discomfort, but now, just as then, I am not smoking over it.  I won't say I'm not scratching, though!!