It's a round number, you know I have to blog!!!

Blog Post created by Yess on May 13, 2017

Yup, 80 days and lovin' it!  I have bounced out of NML for the present and feeling good.

So, I have the results of my breathing test, I think it's good?!: 


"Hi Pamela, It looks like your pulmonary function tests showed a mild change which could be from mild copd or mild asthma. This is good news. Unless you develop worsening shortness of breath further testing is not necessary at this time. Dr. Y


This now gives me a baseline to measure from in another year 


It was a great day at work yesterday despite the frantic last-minute crush for students to buy their prom tickets - prom was last night, typical!  Still, Prom was great which was a relief because we tried out a new venue this year!


And... such a treat, someone called in a massage company who gave all of us, free 15 minute  massages! Certainly it gave the company an opportuniy to drum up new business, win-win!  This treat closed out a week of celebrating teachers and culminating in wishing all moms a happy mother's day.  One  of our teachers put out little gifts of plants and goodies and a banner with every female's name on it - her way of wishing every woman a special day - how nice was that! I chose a pretty little 'living' house plant; there were some plastic solar bobble flower plants for those who feel that they kill the living ones - man, she thought of everything! (and we found out who did it - you can't keep a secret at our site!)


OK, I think I'm going to get on with the rest of my day - it's10:30 a.m. I'm feeling a bit slow as prom (I help check in the students) kept me up hours after my bedtime!!!