Hmmm Trying to figure out

Blog Post created by Yess on Apr 23, 2017

Well, I successfully replied to a comment on my last blog (special week) but when I tried to add a reply with a pic to Elvan - twice - I find that although it said saved at 12:05 then at 12:11, it's not there.  So as I want to respond to Elvan, I'm going to try this way:)  My new shoes are so comfy, can't wait till I try them on the mountain.  Someone here recommended the brand - Merrell and I'm so glad she did; just sorry I can't remember who it was!  I found my pic at the mountaintop for my 65th birthday - seeing if it will attach here.  If it doesn't then I'm thinking I must be doing something wrong and I'd like to correct that in anticipation of posting my next climb! Trying here as an attachment - previous tries were through the 'insert image' icon.