A Little Wobbly Yesterday!

Blog Post created by Yess on Apr 16, 2017

I was out shopping for my new hiking shoes yesterday because I still want to climb that mountain; I had just left the store (with my new shoes) and my friend called while waiting for an oil change on his car.  Timing was great so I met up with him there and afterwards we decided to check out a new Asian food store. While we were choosing some wonderful looking pastries I went into a full-blown dizzy/spinning/nauseous attack that absolutely terrified me and I think scared the hell out of my friend. My friend called my  daughter  - no answer, (turns out she was with the children miles away dyeing Easter eggs with a friend and her children), so then called her my son-in-law who, thankfully was able to meet us at the emergency room. Suffice it to say, I was at the ER on Friday too for something else - had to leave from work, so 2 days in a row is not my idea of fun!  Well, you know how ERs go so hours later I am able to go home with the diagnosis of Peripheral Vertigo. Seems this may self-correct in a few days, have some medicine to take if I get another attack (it's actually an antihistamine - fancy that!).  It's a bit mystifying as to why it happened and I do remember having one of these about a year ago - fortunately I was at home then and made it to the bed before being flung round the room - that's what it felt like.  At that time I just lay quiet for awhile afterwards and when I felt fine I just went on with my day.  Can't get away with that when you have witnesses and your car is in shopping parking lot!  So today, I slept really late - that felt good because I'm hoping it means my insomnia may be over.  I feel just a teensy bit light-headed but I'll be with my family later.  Now I must admit, part of me was really wanting to just go "back to life as I knew it with my cigarettes and the heck with all these changes going on", yes I do feel a bit miserable about it all. BUT... thanks to making my daily pledge (I really believe this too), and remembering all that has gone down in these last 53 days... I tell myself No Way!  I just can't do this all over again so I'll  keep on keeping on with my quit!  Not sure when my mountain climb will happen - my daughter is an ER nurse (yup at my hospital of choice) and her hours are insane so we are still working on the plan.  I will do it, I've got new shoes dammit! Sigh.