Tough to do

Blog Post created by Wanda45 on Mar 13, 2017

So I have quit.  Then two of my children get together to decide what everybody will get when I die and tell me I have to make a will before I go for surgery.  I didn't think it would be hard, but oh my, it is difficult.  I decided to do a video last will and testament.  I know why I don't do selfies, man that is one old woman in this video.


I have made 4 videos and deleted 3.  Hopefully I will get it the way I want it soon.  Just thinking about it makes me want a cigarette.  However I would have to put on shoes and drive somewhere, but it is cold and rainy and I am warm and snug.  


Still waiting on the doctors in Shreveport and Dallas to make a game plan.  The aneurysm I have is positioned on top of the veins that go off to legs, stomach, liver, etc.  If the stent is not placed correctly they could "screw" one of those, and cause major problems, including death.  Hence the reason the kids want everything in place.


I am thankful they are in agreement on what they want.  I used to threaten to burn it down and go to the beach on the insurance money.


Just wandering here, until the urge to smoke goes away.  Thank you all for listening.