The Second Time around

Blog Post created by Wanda45 on Feb 4, 2017

Good morning EX land.  I hope all is well with you.


I quit about 3 years ago for 1 1/2.  It was awesome.   I loved saying "No I don't smoke".  Then family drama took place in my back yard.  It included grown children, grandchildren, blood, and police/sheriff officers.  After things had calmed down, I sat down in my swing and there was a pack of cigarettes my son had left there.  It was the most natural thing in the world to pick up that pack.  My daughter screamed NOOOOO at me, the sheriff looked at her and at me and said "leave her alone"....at first I smoked one every other day or so but by July 4th, I was back smoking like I had never quit.  That was 2015.  


I tried many times to quit, came on here set a date, failed, went away, came back changed the meter, failed went away.  Then I just stopped coming by.  I had failed, and let so many people down.  It took awhile (even as old as I am) to make my self understand that the only person I failed was me.  That the friends here would support me anyway, encourage me to try again, to be there to help pick me up, or "Gibbs" slap me when I failed.


Well I have quit a second time and am now on day 5.  It seems to be a bit easier, but I am retired, and do not have the stress and pressure of working with idiots.  I do have the pleasure of living with some though but they make my life complete.


I pledge not to smoke, and to come here frequently for help and to help others.