I am back!!!!

Blog Post created by Wanda45 on Feb 3, 2017

It has been a while since I have been here.  I quit 3 years ago for a year and half, but started again after much drama in my backyard.  Well after a year and a half, I put them down.  I am now closing in on day 4.  I am using the patch, and feel pretty good.

A dear friend of mine found out she has breast cancer, then they found a spot on her lungs.  After a biopsy of the lung, she developed an infection and spent over a month in the hospital and rehab.  I would sit by her bed and watch her cough until she cried, and then tried to catch her breath.  My thoughts were "there buy for the grace of God" there go I.  I decided then that I would quit.

So I am on this roller coaster we call quit smoking.  I know that without support I won't make it, so I will come here everyday and run off at the mouth, so that I don't take out my frustrations on those around me.  Once I can navigate this new website, maybe I can find my old blogs, and some of the blogs of friends that were here before.

God bless you all.  Here is to a successful quit for all of us.