Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Mar 17, 2017

I Just wanted to SHOUT 181 today, why today? I went to a DR appointment today a new one at that and i was asked about smoking, He asked you smoked? and i replied yes i did and then he looked at me and said but you don't anymore and i said N. O. P.E not no more i am now 181 days free from smoking. and I FEEL GREAT.......can't wait till i hit 300 then 400 and 500 and on and on so any one that feels like you can't do it.....look at me it can happen it wasn't always easy but you know what it feels good to get past them hard times with some help mind you.....(thanks Elders)....and we can go on and on and on being SMOKE FREE. Come on we can do this i'm waiting for you to catch up!!! and i'm staying SMOKE FREE....I made another DR happy.and i'm not ever SMOKING AGAIN.......NO WAY NO HOW!!! Where are you i'm waiting?