You are nasty Nicotine!

Blog Post created by Trisha76 on Sep 24, 2020

Oh I have been so irritable the last two days. Just stupid little things are setting me off and I’m having a hard time calming myself down. Today I finally realized it was the nicotine that was making me so irritable and I am at day 44 so I was not expecting this. Also I have never had to calm myself down without a cigarette!  I was expecting the normal feeling in my gut but no nicotine decided to attack my emotions.  And normally I am a nice person— Thank goodness I have not been around anyone because I have been grouchy USA!
Now that I have figured this out, I am back to the basics and telling myself NOPE etc.  Already I have settled down.  It is amazing what smokers have to go through to get clean and healthy particularly after smoking for 50 years.