Grrrrrr Moments

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jul 8, 2019

I mostly always have good news and positive things to share, but I want to assure everyone I am completely human. Today was just a GRRRR day. Nothing bad happened, but I felt a little overwhelmed all day. I have curriculum writing this week-- and trying to juggle that with aqua classes, Lifetime opening week, tri and marathon training almost got the better of me today.

I also may have had some pent up energy from taking a rest day from exercise. And sitting in front of a computer for many hours is just NOT my thing. In any case, I just felt icky inside so I walked the dog. During this relaxing walk, we saw a friend and he snapped at her kids and I was mortified!!!

I think it has something to do with being on the leash. I should have read his signals. He actually walked behind me away from the girls. So my Awesome Dog disappointed me and now I have to worry about him on a leash...

So today was like Trigger Stacking... I REALLY wanted to give in. Instead, I ended up looking at Life Time classes in Princeton and there was a Warrior Sculpt. I sweated out my madness and now I know I'll make it through the rest of today.

Current status:

Today did remind me how very fragile a quit really can be. Mine is no exception.