My New Normal

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jul 7, 2019
  • I go to bed earlier than I used to.
  • I wake up earlier than I used to, with more energy!
  • I run faster-- and my running buddy likes that!!

  • I almost never say no when I get invited somewhere now. My friends and family like that! There's no need to stay home, which was my only "safe" smoking place.
  • I work at a really fancy gym now and feel amazing and confident getting ready for it to open. 
  • I am better at handling conflict.
  • I like me better and so I spend less time thinking about me and more time thinking about others.
  • I'm a better Mom.
  • I spend my free time tri training, gardening, doing puzzles, reading.

I really do like my new normal. I'm not missing anything. My weak moments are still following or anticipating conflict (anxiety) and after finishing something big like cleaning (reward). I find it really does help to take few deep breaths and remind myself I just don't do that anymore. What's ONE thing I can do/say right now to start to resolve the discontent I am feeling? Most of the time I find it's a matter of what I am saying to myself!!!