Goodbye Parliament. You're next, Zuul!

Blog Post created by TriGirl on Jun 3, 2019

I don't want to be DRAMATIC tonight. I finished the Easyway. I made myself do all my smoking today without additional entertainment. Boy, was that a wake up. I was SO bored, I had a hard time getting through my cut-back ration! With 4 left in the pack for before bed, I spent some extra time putting my 11 year old to bed and I felt NO RUSH to get to them. And ya know what? This IS pointless. (The smoking, I mean!) What am I getting from it???

-I was rushing through daily activities with my kids to get outside.

-I was ignoring my husband to get outside.

-I was doing SO MUCH WORK to keep it hidden.

-It was slowing me down.

-It was truly not tasty or a real treat.  

-It was making me feel like a fake and a flake.

-It was really just an illusion of escape, a perfectly designed trap.

My Monster is GOING DOWN!!!!