So done on day 1, now into day 2

Blog Post created by Treehugger85 on Feb 22, 2021

So as of 1:47pm today I am done with day into day 2.  I made it, Idk how I did it, but I made it through work.  I drank a lot of diet soda through a straw and I guess driving does keep me distracted. Who wants an accident right?  No accidents but did have 1 rude cashier at aldi's. I had a double batch, 2 orders of groceries at once. So I had 1 order on top of the cart in the seat (little order), the big bulky order down in the bottom.


I wanted 2 carts at checkout, to make sure it stays ordered! Who'd want to get someone else's groceries? This could get me fired too!  First he acted like it was a hassle and when that was done and I was bagging, he rudely said I need one of those carts back you know that right? I said yes that's fine and gave it to him when I was done. I really wanted to tell him where to go but I didn't.


I am very very tired! I look and say yay I made 84 dollars today, in 5 hours worth so that's not bad. It's pretty close to 15 dollars an hour.  Come to think of it now I'm not spending that on cigarettes, although I need gas but now it's not so much of a hassle.  


I think I had 4-5 cravings for them today, so 4-5 beat.  All I want to do is take a hot bath and get off my feet! Who needs to do added exercise to loose weight after quitting when you work instacart LOL tracked my miles I walked today 3.5 miles. So loosing weight won't be a worry for me. The pizza delivery guy has no comparison to this job!