Make Love Not War!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 14, 2019

When we first quit smoking we feel so much like we have to prepare for the battle of and for our lives. Honestly, what we have to prepare for is the battle for our hearts and minds.

So it's not about weapons to fight with. It's about tools to build new lives with.

It's not about making the Nico-Demon our Enemy.

Nicotine is the real enemy and Nico-Demon is the little addicted two year old that we need to love with all our hearts and minds. That's because Nico-Demon is ME! I choose not hate a part of myself. I love even that poor addicted brain that got hooked without intention. 

Nicotine came into my life and changed me forever. Now I know. Now I love me and love life and choose to stay very far away from all nicotine in all of it's forms.

Nicotine - The Nerve Poison

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