Unity is Our Strength

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 10, 2019

Some folks come here for advice and then rebel at the advice they get. For me, that's very confusing. If you are here to somehow justify your Nicotine Addiction - I'm sorry but your in the wrong place. The goal we have in common - all we have in common - is our Nicotine Addiction Recovery. 

When you hear that it can't be done by cutting down and staying at a level of say "only 4-5 a day" feel free to give it your best. We know that this is a failed effort because we tried that. 

When you hear that you will change and you decide that you don't need to change to quit give it a shot! With true Recovery you will change. We know we tried to not change. 

When you hear that it's better to accept becoming an EX than to fight, you have every right to fight all you want. But fighting leads to relapse or acceptance; we were there, believe me or not.

The advice always comes with the caveat of "take what you need and leave the rest!" 

So we are so diverse, so individual, why does this work?

Because addiction is addiction is addiction. That is what we have in common  whether you're from Hays, Ks. or New Delhi, India. 

So listen and learn or hear and resist. Just know that we're here to support your journey into Addiction Freedom which isn't about deprivation but abundance!

We provide an abundance of comfort, support, knowledge, experience, advice, information, and love.

"Come together, right now, over me!" - John Lennon

LLAP! No matter what!

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