Crave Antidotes

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 15, 2017

When you are in a crave it may seem like it will last forever. Once you have hooked into that Nico-thought, you can get swept away in the feelings of addiction and it's much harder to unhook - but it is doable.

Often we interpret the feeling of nicotine withdrawal as stress and by immediately addressing this stress in alternative ways we can curb the crave and redirect our thinking for the  - I know you don't believe it - 3 minutes the crave lasts. 

Here are some escape hatches to use in that minute when you notice the crave: 

Whatever it takes just keep in mind that thoughts - no matter how compelling - are not commands! You can decide to let the thoughts travel on and also decide what your next thought will be. 

A good place to begin is with your breathing. It takes practice. Practice several times a day when you find your mind wandering. Stop and remind yourself that you are in control of your thoughts and choose your next thought. It's really quite simple and easy. But you need to practice between times you need it so when the time comes you just go there automatically.

And remind yourself - I am in control. Nicotine has no power over me!