What It's ALL About!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 26, 2017

I spent an absolutely perfect day with Miss Penny and Miss Tahlia! Believe it or not Tahlia is already 1 Month old! She weighs 11 lbs 5.6 oz. Now that's a Big Girl! Miss Penny is now 1 Year 9 Months and just such a Lady! I never thought anybody could possibly win my heart like Penelope but guess what - There's infinite room in my heart for both these little Angels!

The Best Feeling ever is that these little darlings will never ever smell Sickerettes on their Abuelo! Not in a Million Years! I quit smoking 7 Years ago long before my Son was married and honestly, Listen up newbies, you have to quit smoking for you! But your entire Family, even your Friends, and yes, hasta your acquaintances will benefit from your Quit!

How so? Simply because addiction blocks us from fulfilling our potential in a big way! Get all addiction behind you and I promise you that you will grow in leaps and bounds as an outstanding individual!