Become a Happy Quitter!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 15, 2017

When I decided to Quit Smoking I told myself, “Buck up, Thomas! You’re going to be miserable but you have to do this no matter what!” I was doing the white knuckle quit! And guess what? I was miserable!

Then I joined BecomeanEX and started to read the Blogs by a guy named James, The Happy Quitter! I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Happy?  Quitting? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

James said that he decided to be a Happy Quitter and behold, his cravings were easier, didn’t last as long and his whole Quit was much more doable!

So who wouldn’t want that?

I began to realize with practice that thoughts are just thoughts. We have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. And as so many of us have pointed out  -

“Thoughts are not Commands!”

I also learned that feelings are a choice.  We can make choices about how to feel when we know why we feel our feelings. I had unwittingly decided to be miserable because I was told that I would be miserable!

Could I decide to be happy?

So where do you get started?

I chose to “fake it till you make it!”

I stopped being miserable long enough to imagine what it might be like to be a Happy Quitter.

Then a put a smile on my face even when I didn’t feel like smiling!

 I read more inspirational Blogs from Dale’s unique jokes to Marilyn's inspirational stories.

I simply made happiness a goal and tried!

 Then I looked for glimmers of happiness throughout each day, paid attention and acknowledged that it was happening with gratitude!

I  practiced!

And not right off but soon, I became a Happy Quitter!

I believe it made my whole Quit Journey more doable, I know it was more fun!

Being a Quitter isn’t about self-sacrifice and deprivation! It’s about becoming a New You and best of all, you get to decide who that person is!


I choose be be a Happy Quitter!