Terrie is feeling better!

Blog Post created by TerrieQuit on Apr 3, 2017

Hi everyone, I've been kind of afraid to say anything because when I said I was doing better last Friday, BAM 1 1/2 days in bed! But I think it's safe to say that it's slow but I feel a little better each day. I am still coughing quite a bit and don't like to talk long. I am not gasping to breathe now and the wheezing is better. I just feel like a wimp! I am sore and weak.


I had a caseworker pick me up and take me out to Walmart, today, first time out in 3 or 4 weeks. After standing at the service desk for awhile, my legs got so tired, I got one of those electric carts and grabbed a few things and got out. 


I am keeping in contact with the Dr. My steroids are gone and I am still taking the antibiotics 2 Xs a day & cough medicine as needed. Of course, my nebulizer started acting up in the middle of it all, but they finally did send out a new one. Brandy got my clothes dryer fixed, so I'm doing pretty good.


Tomorrow will be my first AA meeting in 3-4 weeks and I have a bus scheduled both ways. So I think things are getting back to normal around here, whatever that is! LOL!


Thanks, to all who checked on me and said prayers and sent positive thoughts. Also, thanks for your patience on the late pledge page. Take Action in April 2017 with a Daily Pledge to stay Quit


Through it all, I never wanted to smoke, I hurt too much! So I will be here more as time goes along and I get to feeling better!. ~Terrie 117 days free!~


Much Love to you!