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Blog Post created by TerrieQuit on Jan 27, 2017

Hello, everyone!

I just talked to Sharon, she is in a lot of pain, when they did the amputation they took her thumb, pointer, 3/4 of the middle finger, and 1/2 of her ring finger, they left the pinky finger. Sharon, had more surgery yesterday where they did some grafting and work on vessels, etc. She will be in the hospital probably 7 or 8 more days. There will be more surgery done later, how much later depends on the pain factor, healing time and when they schedule it for. You know Sharon, she wants all of this worked around EX-5 so she's not in pain and all that so she can have a good time! Ya can't blame her there! lol! 


Sharon is in good spirits and we talked about the new EX site, she just can't get on yet because it hurts so much! She is looking it over, though!

She says hi to everyone and Thank-You to those that continue to call, send cards, etc. and told me to send you this!

 and she sends hugs!

Take Care and thanks for reading!   ~Terrie~