First Week plus

Blog Post created by Tar_Heel on Jul 26, 2019

Finished my first week plus a couple of days without a cigarette.  Same cravings still apply.  Still have to work at it all the time.  One bag of Tootsie Pops gone, box of ice cream sandwiches gone, 1 1/2 lb of trail mix gone, 1 bag of cookies gone and 1 box of oatmeal cream cookies gone.  No weight gain.  I think Zyban is helping with the cravings.  If it is I wouldn't like to be without it.  No NRT so all the nicotine is gone.  Eager to see improvement in lung function.  Hopefully it will be an "ah-ha" moment; that would be nice.  On to the second week.  I need more ice cream .  Sorry 'bout the rambling, just wrote as it came to me.