6 months of freedom

Blog Post created by Tabbiekat on May 1, 2018

So I realized a couple of hours ago I have reached 6 months of freedom ~happy dance~. I have  a lot of stuff going on in life(who doesn't) so while I have been reading, I have not posted much recently. My husband is still smoking and we are facing a couple of long days driving to and from his doctors appointments starting Thursday and while he has cut back, he still smokes while in the truck. I decided to start Chantix again since the couple of drives last week had me really close to lighting up one for myself. I will not smoke (the second hand is to much as it is) and I am doing whatever it takes to make that happen, short of divorcing or making my husband disappear~grin~


I have lots of thoughts running through my head that I will type out eventually, just not tonight. I somehow managed to bang my pinky finger this morning and typing is another thing that I find I end up using my pinky for--I never realized how much use I get out of the


Holding tight to my quit