Day 13

Blog Post created by TBenyi on Jun 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day to all you father's out there.


Yesterday was much easier than the day before. I even went out of the house and did shopping. Naturally there were people smoking outside of the stores but I actually handled it a lot better than week one. Instead of my inner voice saying "I want a smoke" It was a sigh and "I'm going to have to get used to this."


The other day it was hot, humid and pouring rain all at the same time. My hubby complained about the weather. I just kind of smiled because now that I'm a non-smoker. I don't have to go out into that crap to smoke. HAHA!


I'm really tired today. Don't feel like doing anything. I found a new game which sufficiently distracts me from even thinking about smoking. At least while I'm playing it. I am just disappointed that there won't be a new version for a very long time. I waited forever just for them to make a game based on white wolf.


Daughter has already trashed the house *sighs* Looks like I have a lot of cleaning to do today.


 Have a good day everyone.