Newbie Again

Blog Post created by TBenyi on Jun 6, 2018

Hello Everyone,


I've never actually had a blog or posted to one. I was also a bit hesitant because I have tried to quit so many times before and failed.


Today is day two of this quit. What is different though is I am armed with a lot more information and a different point of view, thanks to this site.


I can look at my smoking "habit" for what it actually was. It was an addiction and not a habit. That actually helps bolster my willpower.  I have learned a lot about how  nicotine affects my body and brain, as well as how the tobacco companies try to keep us addicted.


I turned 44 on June 1st and I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter who is Autistic. I really want to be around for her for the next 30 years if possible and so I know I need to quit.


I just want to say thank you to whomever made this site as well as all the members who post here. I have read many posts that have helped me or will help me when the cravings get worse. I really want this time to be the time I quit for good and now I know I just need to get rid of the nagging doubt in my mind and just do it.


Again thank you all. I am certain I will keep checking the blogs, I find them very helpful especially in the morning when it is the hardest for me.