Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on May 25, 2020

Not sure if you've noticed, but for a number of days now, I haven't been spending much time on the Ex.


I have been doing my daily pledge and also shouting my stats with pride. And have been responding to others' posts here and there. But I haven't been doing any blogs, or spending my customary 2-3 hours each day on the site.


Since I've been kinda AWOL,  I wanted to let you know that I've made a choice that is taking up quite a bit of my time. Since I haven't been on the Ex as much as usual, I didn't want anyone to think I'd "fallen away" and had relapsed or something. 


The choice I've made is not a "fun one" such as skipping out for extended alone time on the sandy shore of my favorite Maine beach, or running away to Tahiti with my cute mailman, or leaving for New York City to do a series of promotional ads for the state lottery system after winning $200,000 per year for life.


The truth is, I've been very busy vacuuming. And my choice is to get this place into "inspection-ready status", if only to prove I can still do it~


"Ahh..... vacuuming?" you say.


"My, that's just so...ahh... ahh... delightful," you might add.


You see, thanks to my government stimulus check, I was able to buy one of those super-duper vacuuming wonders that are designed to keep pet fur from choking up the brush rollers. And this upright easily breaks down into a portable hand component as well.   


Why this excites me so much is that my old vacuum cleaner has been dead for months. So I've been using a broom for all my floor-cleaning needs. Since I share my place with a thick haired white cat, the broom has done more harm than good. It has actually set into motion gobs and gobs of cat-hair clumps, depositing them behind radiators, above the door jams, under the furniture, and into the corners of six rooms and a hall.


Since I started up my new revolutionized Hoover, I have turned into Suzy Homemaker on steroids. 


And I'm doing such a complete job, it's taking me days to get just one room to my liking. At this rate, I should see you guys again at some point in mid-to-late June!