Blog Post created by Suzinut on Oct 25, 2020 think I am an ex-smoker.....but i dont feel it.  I feel like a smoker who just hasnt had one in 21 days.  Does this make sense?  I want to be excited that i quit!  I want to feel like I accomplished something, but yet I still feel like something is missing....when i wake up very early i am realizing more and more how much i looked forward to my morning cigarettes...yes...plural....a thrilled as I am to think of my body as healing, I still need to find that something to FILL ME the way cigarettes did....soooo sick to say, but i know that u all will understand what i mean! .what a shame....and that is where I come down to needed a hobby...i am going in circles...gonna stop now...I know what i need to do...I will keep coming here and NOT ONE PUFF EVER!