Blog Post created by Sootie on Oct 20, 2019

After such a long time quit………………….I sometimes forget exactly what those first days were like. Oh---I don’t mean I think it was nothing.  But TIME……good old TIME…..blunts everything. This is why women have more than one child……they forget the ACTUAL pain in the joyousness of the new life.

Today, I am feeling like a newbie again and understanding what they are going through first hand. I have decided to eliminate bread from my diet. I won’t bore you with the reasons for this…….suffice it to say--- it’s going.  Perhaps you don’t eat much bread so you are thinking… what? Well, I LOVE bread! I love it. I will sometimes eat just bread for dinner if I am eating alone. One of the many problems with eating bread is the more you eat…..the more you want  (sound familiar? You can’t have just one.....)  I will often mindlessly grab a piece of bread when I am really hungry, angry,tired without even thinking about it (again---can you see the comparisons?)

If you have any extra time, read a little about the 5 crazy things that eliminating bread from your diet can do to your body. VERY SIMILAR to quitting smoking………withdrawals, fatigue, annoyance.

But-----------------guess what? I already know I can do this. KNOW WHY????? Because I quit smoking. I know that I hold the power over what I allow and do not allow in my life. Newbie’s…..quitting will not just make you free from nicotine. It will open up a new power in your life where you see that you are the one in control of many things you were simply letting “happen” to you. We have all seen this happen over and over again after we quit.

So, as I go forward on this lateral journey with you…….let’s STAY STRONG! This can be done.