Blog Post created by Sootie on Jan 27, 2018

Thomas3.20.2010 posted an inspiring comment on my blog about regret......which got me thinking.

Here's where my thoughts led me...................................

The word sorry and the word regret mean different things to me. I did not google actual textbook definitions. I am talking about differentiating for myself.

So-------I have many things I am sorry for in my life from small, trivial, funny things (that hairdo in 1980, dying my black hair blacker-why?  the year I did a blue Christmas theme) to large important things including the fact that I smoked for so many years.

But regret? I think I can state with all honesty that I have no regrets.

Here's the difference for me.

Sorry, to me, means that I wish I had made a different choice on those things.....taken a different road.

Regret means that I let those bad choices continually affect my life to the point that I would not enjoy the good choices I did make.  Regret can make you sense in trying to change or improve .....I made a bad choice and I have to continue in that direction.

Sorry acknowledges responsibility for your poor choices; regret may keep you living with those choices when you could have made some amends, some changes, some improvements.

So while we are all sorry that we smoked for so many years, we are not wallowing in regret. We are picking ourselves up at whatever point of life and health we find ourselves and we are making a new choice, taking a new path, imagining that we can live a different life.

Thanks my dear friend Thomas for the see we all never know where our words on here go and who they touch.

Stay Strong.