Blog Post created by Sootie on Apr 9, 2017

I have decided that the awards and the points are really a cool feature.

I called it dumb in the beginning but I’ve come back and taken a different view.

I realized…….they can really be fun because WE get to decide who we give them to……not some anonymous computer judge.

Did you ever just buy some little thing for a sister, brother, friend just because you were walking through a store and saw something that would make them laugh (or cry or remember or, or, or)? It’s usually never something expensive……just a little gift to brighten a day… say, I’m thinking of you or I’m proud of you or happy for you or even crying with you.

That’s what the awards can be! We can hand them around just to say……..HEY! I see you and I “get” what you are going through. Or hello----I think you are so helpful here on EX-. Or hi! You make me really think when you write a blog. They are little gifts we can give each other.

Also, have you ever just paid for someone’s coffee in the line at Dunkin? Or just helped someone who was struggling to find that last dime or penny in the check out line? No big deal ----although the people you help usually feel you gave them a million bucks.

That’s what the points can be used for! What is the fun of having them if you don’t “spend” them?  You can just give someone a “congratulations” award and add some points. Or a STAR and add a few points.

To me, this is going to be so much more fun than just hitting the “like” button.

Unless EX   ( Mark )    tells me I can’t use them in this way….I intend to take my points and the awards and sprinkle them around like Tinkerbell’s fairy dust.

So watch out….because I think some of that dust may be landing on some of ……………..YOU!