3 Weeks Down

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 13, 2018

Woke up sad this morning. Just that heartbreaking I want to cry sad.  No particular reason. I think it is the hormones. It is time for the PMDD again (PMS on Crack), so it is to be expected I suppose. It is grey and gloomy outside right now, the sun is trying it's best.  Don't know how much of this hurricane we are going to get. I am to the west of Charlotte, NC, so probably just some wind and rain, I hope. I wanted some rain because my grass was getting crunchy but this is quite a ridiculous way to get it. I hope everyone in the hurricane's path is safe and prepared. 


I have made it 3 whole weeks, 21 days. There have been a few rough patches but overall it hasn't been bad. I think it is the whole frame of mind you set for yourself at the being of a quit that makes it as painless or painful as you want it. Don't get me wrong, there are days I just want to run out and buy a pack and call the whole thing off because smoking and feeding the addiction seems a whole lot easier than staying quit, but at what cost? The cost of a lung, or not being able to breathe? I have worked in health care for a long time and picked up many patients who were just gasping for breath all because they chose to smoke. They have some lung disease or cancer from the years of smoking.  AND THEY STILL SMOKE!!! Not being judgy by no means. They never found the right resources to help them get to their quit. They don't understand that smoking is an addiction, not just a habit. I am glad that I have the resources and support I need to help me on my quit journey, having cheerleaders to pat you on the back, or those who will put the truth in your face. Eh, I feel a soapbox coming on, I am going to step down now. But thank you, to the ones that cheer me on and give me the path of truth. You rock!


Down 2.7 lbs this morning. Yesterday was a little rough on the food front, and used up way more of my weekly points than I wanted to. I need those points for any boo-boo's over the weekend at work. I tried the Ritz cracker chip things in sour cream and onion flavor. Those won't be coming into the house again. I could have eaten the whole bag. Must find something less tasty. Those crackers, add some cream cheese covered in sriracha, and it is just a recipe for tracking disaster. I tried to stick to fruit and veggies when I felt I need to shove food in my mouth. But still ended up 7 points over, and now that I have lost a few pounds it has taken a daily point away from me. Hey no fair, I am just getting started!!! Still have 26 weekly's left. But I don't feel like I am starving and I am eating plenty of yummy food. I hate the diets that say you can only eat 1200 cal a day. I would starve on that. I have tried it and I know.


I did get some of the Smart Ones frozen meals on those days I didn't want to prepare breakfast or lunch. Imagine my disappointment when a little chicken slider came in at 6 points. But it was actually yummy and filling. Paired it with a low point Greek salad for lunch and I was full. I am finding that I don't need a lot of food to feel full, what I need is to slow down. So I stop between every bite, put my fork down, chew the food up then swallow. Proceed slowly. As someone who worked on an ambulance for 15 years, I can eat a big cheeseburger in under 30 seconds. So learning to eat slowly is a biggie for me. I am having 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks a day, so I know I am not starving. And my feet also aren't as swollen as they have been. Still puffy, but not all summer sausage roll looking. 


So I have set a goal for myself. I have a weekend off toward the end of October. No particular reason I took it off, just wanted a weekend off since I work ALL OF THEM. The Renaissance Festival in our area will be happening then, I haven;t been in a few years. I want to go. By that time, I hope to be in my next jean size down. That's my goal. No specific weight, just drop a size in jeans.  That gives me a little over a month to get there. 


Just asked my son if it's 2018, he won't stop laughing. Maybe one day he will understand that the years fly by when you get older and it is hard keeping up sometimes. HE IS STILL LAUGHING. STAHPPPP!


Hope everyone stays safe from the nasty hurricane.