Sweet Dreams Are Made......

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 4, 2018

......of not dreaming about smoking!! Enough already!!


As if my sleep wasn't jacked up enough I have started having those smoking dreams. Last night's dream was me on the impossible mission to go get cigarettes. I decided in my dream I was going to smoke and I would start my quit over..."later".... I never did get them in my dream but it darn sure wasn't from not trying. There were constant barriers in my way that prevented me from getting to the store. Weird dreams. But at least I remained smoke free in my dreams too!


I have been having the "just one" urges and thoughts all day today. Week two seems to be harder than week one for some reason. My poor husband, I am sure that he is ready to go back to work to get away from me and my "biotch" self. I am getting on my own nerves. That poor man deserves sainthood or something. 


My son's job interview went well yesterday. They are going to do his background check so that seems like a good sign. The manager did tell him that there were 5 other candidates in front of him, but I think what will help him he is willing to work cheap and any hours. Being this is his first job, he isn't picky. So fingers crossed for him please. 


We finally got the whole house to a decent and tolerable temperature. We did have to break down and buy one more small unit for the bedroom section of the house. My office was still just too miserable. Now with only 3 small units we have the house pleasant and surprisingly they aren't running all the time. The one in my office barely runs at all, we just needed a little umph I guess. So that is one problem solved. No more sweat baths!!


All my get up and go has got up and went so I am being extremely lazy, playing video games and watching movies. Prepared the fam a nice dinner tonight, cube steak and gravy, one of everyone's favorite meals. Maybe that will redeem my behavior in some small way. We got the Autumn decorations out. Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. 


Otherwise still boring around here. I don't know what I will do tomorrow. Still have to take care of the car insurance sometime before the 15th. Doctor and orthodontist on Thursday. And I need to find my motivation somewhere, I lost it.  And I still need to finish weeding the flower beds and cut the grass. It will happen sometime. Need to catch up on posts. It took me all day just to write mine. My ADD seems to be running full blast and I have a hard time focusing on one thing for a given period of time. My squirrel brain is running in overdrive. 


Hope everyone had a good, smoke-free day,