122 days quit! I think, lol

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Apr 9, 2020

I just saw it on my main page now I forget, but it's so awesome to forget! I like the feeling of not thinking about it. I'm on lock down like everybody else, stuck with my 3 elementary schoolers attempting to online school, and my husband working full time from home, and me trying to get my own work done and crashing and burning most of the time. It's not fun that is for sure, but I haven't smoked/vaped. One, I can't, I don't have anything, two, honestly I think I would be scared to go to the store with all the covid, buy cigarettes, and actually inhale deeply on anything and not feel like I was sucking the rona right into my lungs.

I'd normally call that paranoia but right now caution is a good thing so I'll lean in and go with that.

Stay healthy everyone!