Quitting vaping day 5

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Dec 14, 2019

So I completed day 4! Yey! Cravings weren't as bad but I felt really depressed. Like not wanting to move, can't find anything I like to do depressed.

So during that time I googled depression and nicotine, satisfied that I wasn't alone or inordinately crazy, I  tried to distract myself.

I had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago so I can't drive yet but Amazon was there for me and I ordered a combination knitting crochet kit, I like the idea of being constructive and keeping my fingers busy at the same time.

I was feeling better by the evening and I'm feeling better this morning so if it comes back I know it will go away, which intellectually is obvious but in the middle of cravings/anxiety/depression is hard to really believe.

This morning I waited over 2 hours before my first lozenge, I kept putting it off by finding other things to do, dishes, clean kitchen, charging all the tablets and computers, honestly I didn't even feel like I needed one the first hour so it wasn't too much work.

Progress progress! And thank you everyone for comments and the posts you put on your own blogs, it's so helpful and encouraging that others are active on here and it's funny but I really don't feel like I'm doing this by myself, it's nice :-)