Didn’t Smoke Today!

Blog Post created by SisBB on Aug 18, 2020

I had a hard day, but I didn’t smoke. One of my staff was jumping the gun again and needed a come to Jesus meeting. Not my favorite conversations to have, but left me outwardly positive and direct and inwardly I was seething with rage!


The rage, which could not be seen by the naked eye, was so palpable that I angrily skated 7.5 miles on the bike path listening to Pantera and that didn’t even make me feel better!


Then my gf offered me a cigarette and I nearly lost my ****! I didn’t smoke though. And I told her that I know I’m not the most sane person when I’m withdrawing from Nicotine, but please don’t try to calm me down or enable me with cigs. It’s not gonna go well!


Panic attack on the way home. Then talked to my best friend who recently had her first seizure. Boy, that was humbling. My issues are minuscule in comparison. 


Chest is tight and anxious as well as a brand new withdrawal symptom this time around, numbness in my feet. 


I got an app called “Quit It.” It’s pretty amazing! It shows different milestones and calculates how much money you are saving.