One Question

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Dec 16, 2020

~~Today I want you to ask yourself this one question.  Why not you?  Why not you to do something for work that you love?  Why not you to have a healthy body?  Why not you to have healthy love?  Why not you to be, have or do anything you have ever dreamed?!  We are so quick tot think others are deserving over ourselves.  The truth is that we are all deserving so why not you?~~  Jillian Michaels


You ever notice that?  How quick we are to support our friends...our family...even strangers in need while at the same time dismissing our own needs?  Sometimes we think we deserve that failure.  Sometimes we think we shouldn't aim too high.  Sometimes we even self-sabotage our successes because it takes us out of our comfort zone to the point we actually want to run back in.


Why not you?  You are no less than anyone else.  You are no less deserving.  No less worthy.  

Why not you?  You are capable.  You can.  You do.

Why not you?  As much as you are here for us, we want you to be there for you as well.  As much as you give, you should be willing to receive.  As much as you feel for us, you need to turn that love inward and feel for yourself.


Yes, we tell you often that you can quit why do you think you can't?  Yes, we tell you that if you read and learn and build your quit, you will have why do you think you are different?  We are only examples of what you can have if you choose it, we are not more deserving than you.  No one handed us our quits because we are pretty.  No one gave us our quits because we are special.  We. Are. You.


And that means, my friend, that you are soooooo deserving of your precious quit.  You are so worthy of it.  And, most importantly, you can do it.  Gather your toolkit, gather your knowledge, gather your understanding of addiction and recovery, and simply decide that it's time to do it.  You may it anyway.  You may it anyway.  You may it anyway.  Because you can.  Because you deserve it.  Because you have it within you to get this done.


Craft your quit.  Create it.  Build it.  Protect it.  Love it into life.  Love you into life.  Quitting gives you the realization that you can do anything in life when you set your mind to it, when you know what you want, when you decide it's time.  Quitting gives you the grace to make mistakes, the humor to get through those mistakes, and the power to decide what you will allow into your life.  You are back in control rather than having that little tube of paper controlling you.


So, why not you?