Make a Dent

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Dec 6, 2020

~~Make a dent in  the universe.  Show up.  Speak up.  This is where life is lived.  Live the story you want to tell.  Bring your awesomesauce.  leave no good thing unsaid.  Live from your heart.  Leave no life untouched.  BE the MAGIC.  Write on the wall of life.~~  Unknown


One of my favorite quotes (and I've said it quite often here) is don't live the same day for 75 years and call it a life.  Most of us live in our routines and we don't really think about what else is out there.  What else is calling us.


If you're here to quit smoking, something else IS calling you, isn't it?  Because no one can force you to quit.  No one can 'make' you quit.  So maybe there is something inside you saying it's time.  Maybe you are afraid of getting a smoking-related illness.  Maybe you just want to be free of the habit. So many reasons to quit....and all of them good!!


Quitting is making a dent in the universe, isn't it?  A change.  A leap of faith.  Magic.  How wonderful is that???  And underneath the fear and the stress and the anxiety is a tiny flicker of excitement and a glimmer of hope that when nurtured and loved, will burst into a glorious flame of life   Truly.  There is nothing more satisfying than believing in yourself and holding on through those doubtful moments.  


Hold on to that excitement. Hold on to that hope.  Push past the fears that hold you back and embrace the non-smoker in you.  The one who's too busy enjoying life to want to poison yourself anymore.  The one who's struggling with issues and is too busy working through their problems to have time to add another problem by smoking.  Live.  The good days, the could-be-better days, the geez-this-really-sucks days.  


I believe in you.  I just do.  Because if you're here, something in you wants to quit and that is the start of something grand, my friend   That something that wants to quit never goes away, even you stumble. Hold on to it and listen to it and let it guide you into your quit.  It knows the way, I promise.


And then write on the wall of life!  Because you are no longer bound to an addiction that demands your attention.  You are no longer chained to 'just one more'. You are free to do anything your heart desires! You get to decide. You get to choose.  You get to control.  How cool is that?