I Will Not

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Mar 22, 2020

~~Just for today, I will NOT self-sabotage ANYTHING.  Not my relationships, not my self esteem, not my plans, not my goals, not my hopes, not my dreams.~~  Unknown


That's right.  Just for today, I'm not going to do anything that hurts my heart, my body, my soul.  I'm not going to dwell on what's wrong with my life but I will acknowledge it's imperfect and so am I.  That's ok for today.


Today I'll enjoy each minute.  I'll look at my grandson and feel pure love.  I'll work on my yard and feel peace in nature.  I'll think of you here and send you sweet thoughts of comfort and joy.


Today I'll feel satisfied that what I have is enough.  That I'm doing the very best I can do for today and that's enough, too.  I'll love my family.  I'll love my little house.  I'll love my life and feel blessed and thankful.


I'll walk with those who aren't able to feel blessed today.  I'll hold their hands.  I'll offer a shoulder.  I'll listen.  I'll care.  I'll simply be there for them.


And I'll cheer loudly for those who triumph over addiction.  I'll applaud for those who receive abundant blessings.  I'll be happy for those who have all they need.  They are just as important to life as those who need more.


And most of all....I will not self-sabotage.  I will not feed my fears.  I will not overreact.  I will not give in to my sadnesses.  I will not talk myself into harming myself in any way.  Not spiritually, not emotionally, not physically. 


Today I will be ok.  And I will reach out to those who are not ok.  I will share what I have and find what I need.  Today will be a good day.