HURRAY! I'm an Elder!

Blog Post created by ShyButterfly95 on Sep 19, 2018

Yes, at the ripe old age of 22, I am an Elder here on BecomeAnEX. Warning: This post might sound a bit braggy. But I have worked 365 days (actually, 382 at this point) and I think I deserve to toot my own horn a little bit. 


On September 2nd, 2017, I quit smoking and vaping. I was already taking bupropion for depression, but I also decided to use the lozenge (before this I had tried the patch, mini lozenge, and gum multiple times, multiple different brands, but none of them worked like I wanted). I got the lozenges in the mail for free from the national quit line (USA, unsure about other countries) 1-800-QUIT-NOW.


I smoked my last cigarette on September 3rd. And I haven't had one since. A couple weeks ago I got a nicotine-free, tobacco-free hookah pen (disposable kind) but I'm definitely not rushing out to get another one. 


Sure, I still get cravings. But they're quick and fleeting. I can manage them. 


I used the lozenges for 3 weeks, then decided I didn't need them anymore and stopped against the manual's warning -- but I ended up really not needing them. I don't recommend this, however.


I've become a better person because I quit. I used to steal money and debit cards from my parents in order to buy cigarettes. They supported my vape habit reluctantly, and I felt horrible and guilty about that. But now, I have avoided 3,828 cigarettes (give or take since I switched back and forth from cigs to vape).


The money, life, and time I've saved... I wouldn't trade it for anything, let alone a horrible chemical.


If you're thinking of quitting, about to quit, or in the beginning of your quit, or simply struggling, I'm telling you... you can do it. I used to do nothing in my free time (which I had a lot of, I was jobless for months!) but vape/smoke and stare at my phone. I've made so many changes in my life thanks to quitting. It was hard, yes. Extremely so.


But I did it. I'm here. And you can be, too. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to an active member on here if you're struggling (don't take this the wrong way, but please don't reach out to me... I'm never very active anymore ) because most of them are willing to help and offer advice. Some of them have been quit for years! 


Join groups, ask questions, post content, even if it's just a whole page of venting. Get it out! It's tough! But guess what? YOU GOT THIS!!!


One year. So little time, yet so much. Quitting was the best decision I've ever made. Here's to a smoke-free life! *raises glass of sparkling apple cider*