39 DOF

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 19, 2017

       Wrapping up a day of chores on this nice Saturday night. I've gotten everything done I had on the list plus some. That makes a great day. I'm ready to relax and read/comment here on EX, for a little while. Then maybe a tv program, my fave Heartland. I get it through Netflix. I just love, love, love that program. 


       It's about an hour before sunset here, SC. Weather has been awesome for a late summer day. Anyways, I wanted to let you know I saw 2 of my Doctors last week. All is well. Dr. is referring me to a  Pulmonologist and giving me a referral for a 2 part sleep study; It is for sleep apnea. I haven't heard anything on those yet and it will be only a week come this Monday. So I should start to hear something maybe end of next week or so, maybe before. I'll keep you posted with all the goings on associated with the progress.


       My BG (blood glucose) update is only fairly well. I'm slowly managing my nutritional intake. If that were going better then my BG would be down to normal. But, as you can guess, it is high. I have been doing good on my intake. So my BG is better than it was a month ago. Although it is not normal where I am use to it being. Therefore it is a work in progress. Just like everything with me, a nice little work in progress, steady as she goes lady.


        I am elated about being a nonsmoker this long. Hooray I feel pretty wonderful about it all. I have gone out by myself for the past 3 days. Just one outing per day alone. Had to pass by or go into convenience stores. I totally forgot and didn't even think of wanting to smoke. The craves that overwhelm me at times is a small price to pay to be totally free from smoking. Thank you Lord for providing for me all that I need/needed for surviving this far and for taking me as far as I can possibly go. I have to give the credit to whom it belongs, I couldn't have done it without HIM and being accountable to all of you nice people here on EX. I am happy to be here.


       You all have a wonderful, beautiful, glorious evening ahead.