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Blog Post created by ShellCecil on Jan 4, 2019

  I have had an awesome Friday.. great day at work.. got to argue with Yankee... My roommate from Minnesota.. about politics ect.  I got tickled  when

Yankee informs me ...


    I stand strong and  tall .. hand on my right hip and a quick  tilt of my head.. I responded...

"1 person CAN make a difference.... See how easy it was for THIS one lil person (me) to piss You Off!". as I busted out laughing!  Bonus point!

   THIS kinda got me hot under my collar that Yankee doesn't identify MY GREATNESS! LMAO 

He's such a wonderful supportive friend of mine.  He's helped me thru so much and I couldn't ask for any better of a friend. 

When I asked for his support while I approach my Quit Smoking Date. He asked me the . other day how many times idI tried to quit...& Failed.

I'm not a failure at Quitting  Smoking.. 

I've quite simply tried 10,000 ways that didn't work! That's not to say that

Trial  #10001 Won't be successful.!

Right... right!!

Luckily.. Yankee has decided to go Ice fishing back home for a whole week .. One day before MyQuitDate!   

   What a difference One person.. him

.is going to make.. getting out of my hair my 1st week being Smoke Free!