Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Dec 10, 2018

So...they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.....


Hmmm!  As I ponder this thought, I come to the realization that I miss everyone here, and that my life has been so darn busy, since the new owner of my company took over, getting here to EX is nearly impossible for me these days!   

It sometimes upsets me, but I know that the ones who are here often are helping those in need!  

I am still busy training with the new system they brought in for me to learn, and hopefully, the fact that two new screens arrived today for my desk, things are going to somehow get a bit easier than having just one screen!  Oh the joys of modern technology!   Where I use to do most everything old school, with little technology, I know that the new system is going to rock in this business!  I got this, but I'm going to need help!  Just like I relied on the help of this site to keep me faithful to my quit!   

To all the newbies... keep on rockin' your quit, one day at a time, and you will be where I am, where many of "US" are!  Be a quitter for life!  It is so worth it! 

Love to all!  


Sandy 484 Rocking days of FREEDOM!!!