T.G.I.F.  #2

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Jun 29, 2018

Here is my one and probably only blog this weekend, as I have a busy one lined up!  

First off, I have been smoke free for 285 days, so I am now at the 80 day countdown to my 1 year of being smoke/nicotine free!     

I can't tell you how happy I am to be free from this nasty addiction!

But I'm sure you can tell!


I have been on the outs with my oldest daughter for very close to 3 months now, and have not been able to see my two grand daughters, Annabelle (Anna)  and Brynn at all.  I have had a couple of my other children tell me they have watched Brynn, leaving me to bawl my eyes out, as I am usually that person who takes care of them when needed! 

I am Gram, that's what I love to do!

My daughter finally emailed me, only after I left a text to Anna's cell phone, apologizing for both of our behavior during her birthday trip, telling her that sometimes adults can behave like children. As both my daughter and I did! Well, this past Monday, the 25th, my daughter finally emailed me saying she didn't want to continue this way, and said she loved and missed me, and that we should just agree to disagree, because otherwise we would be stuck in limbo for who knows how long.

I had already said this in an email before hers!

Then my grand daughter finally texts me and says she's sorry because her phone had been lost and she finally found it.

Uh! Hmmmmmm????

Pretty sure I know what was up with that, but oh well, it's done! I went out on a limb yesterday after work and called my daughter to ask if I could have the girls on Friday after I get off at 1:00 (TODAY) (YAY) She agreed! So at 1:00 which is in an hour from this very blog!  haha! 

I am driving almost an hour to pick up Brynn from daycare, and Anna will come later after she is done hanging with her cousins at the beach, for an overnighter with me...a.k.a. Gram!             HURRAY!  

Through my excitement,(right now) and since this whole thing started, I never thought about smoking, only that it would have been something I had done in the past to help me (it didn't) relieve stress!

Please everyone, don't smoke if you get stressed!  

It won't help you one bit! But it will ruin the quit you have going! 

Take if from me!  


I am Sandy, and I am a chainNONsmoker!