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Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Mar 8, 2018

I had to share.....


About a month or so ago, I had a young lady a sales rep from one of our vendors, stop in to say hi! 

Somehow we got on the topic of smoking, and I knew she did, but never hounded her about it, only told her of my story and quitting and how long it has been.  At the end of our visit, I just happened to have one of the cards on me, and I reached out and said if she was ever interested in quitting, or learning how to, or wanted more info, to reach out to me and I would be a major supporter.


Yesterday I received a text on my phone from her, asking me how I was doing as a quitter, and I told her that I was 9ish days away from being at 1/2 a year in my quit thus far!   Oh my, I thought, 1/2 A YEAR! WoW!  (pat myself on the back)  and we continued texting and she tells me she is on day 2 of quitting cold turkey!    She went on to say that she had just bought $ 450.00 worth of skin care products, and thought what a waste of money if she continued smoking!  She sure is right about that!   I told her how much improvement my skin has had since I quit.  


While I'd like to say I had something to do with the decision she made, I am so happy that she reached out to me for support.  She is quite a beautiful young lady with a child, and this is the time for her instead of 43 years down the road like myself.  I'm hoping to see her around here maybe even soon, I will check in with her today!   


Have a great day everyone, and breath easy!