This Change is Good

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Feb 8, 2018

About a week and a half ago, January 29, I stepped on the scale here wher I work and my jaw dropped, and I'm pretty sure I heard my chin hit the floor!  Arghhhhhhh!  My weight had now climbed over the 150 lb mark on the scale.  Did I already say Arghhhhhh?  

Since I quit,     (Nearly 5 months ago now)  I have gained about 20 something lbs, and it wasn't tapering off by any means!  It just kept climbing and I actually wouldn't even get on the scale anymore.  

But last week, when I decided to step on it and saw a number over 150, I knew it was time to do something about it!  And that meant, no more junk food, no more snacking constantly in between meals, if there was food or sweets around, it pretty much went from "hand to mouth"  !   There is some truth (okay.....a lot of truth) to the "hand to mouth" action, and I am living proof!   

 In 2016, I had gone from what I thought was a  normal daily weight of 148 to 117 lbs.  This was in part due to stress from a divorce at the end of 2015 that I handled all by lawyers, just me! 

117 lbs to me was my weight long before I ever had my 5 children.  I had never seen that weight after my first born in 1981.  Not sure why stress makes  you lose weight even when you are still eating and drinking normally, but it does.  Stress does a lot of things, I believe it even made me smoke more.  ("I don't do that anymore")   ( N.O.P.E. ) 

So now that I have seen that ugly number, a number that causes my hips to hurt more, ( I have 2 hips that are going bad )   and causing my back to hurt more ( I have had back trouble for 30 some years, but have never had a surgery) and also causes me not to have anything to wear ( I only saved a few things that started hanging very loosely on me ) 

It was time to take action - I am so strong in my quit, that now I can focus on the weight gain! 

My high number that I saw is now down to 143 as of today, 2/8/18, and will be continuing to fall as I watch only healthy snacks go from "hand to mouth"! 

Because.... it is okay to eat.... it's okay to have the "hand to mouth" action go on.... but it does matter what you are eating!  So go ahead and grab healthy snacks to replace the sick stick! Go ahead!  Do it!  Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Because it's much easier to NOT have to drop the weight, than to put it all on and have to figure out how to get it off!  

I will not go back down to 117 lbs, because people thought I looked like I was sick!  I had skin hanging on my arms, and it wasn't very appealing to look at as well as my face was sunken in!  

Ideally I would like to be at 130 lbs and maintain!   


This journey has been a good journey with all the ups and all the downs, I will maintain my stats no matter what!  But I am done being wreckless about it!   Gaining weight will never cause me to pick up my addiction where I left it!  It will always remain a part of my past as I move forward into my new healthy future! 

                                            This Change is Good!