Day Three

Blog Post created by Rosenkrantz on Nov 26, 2018

One day I will wake up and the first thing I think will be something other than "I want a cigarette."  Today is not that day.  Today I slapped on a nicotine patch and made some coffee.  


I signed up for this service last month in anticipation of quitting.  I have smoked off and on, mostly on, for 30 years, most recently using e-cigs.  The e-cigs were cheaper than regular cigarettes and they did not make me cough or winded, but they were still an annoying, unnecessary, monthly expense, and I was still addicted to nicotine.  Most of my quits have lasted months or weeks, but I once quit for two years.  I hope this is the last time I have to quit smoking.  One thing which is different from my other quit attempts is that I don't think that I'm missing something, instead I keep telling myself that I'm gaining something - more money, better health, and freedom from addiction.  That's a good sign. 


My intention for this blog is to write about how I'm feeling each day, about cravings, about what has been helping.  I also want to read advice and stories from people who have successfully managed to quit.  I hope you all have a great day.