It’s All About A Choice

Blog Post created by RoseH on Aug 4, 2020

Good Morning, Everyone


I could not resist this cute photo today!  It brings a smile and lightheartedness that I did not have when I was smoking!  In eight days I will have two years smoke free!  And I feel “truly free” because I have a choice every day now!  I am smoke free and I intend to stay that way!  One day at a time!


I read a post this morning from a newcomer here and it sounded very sad...  “I hope I can do this...”  Quitting smoking is a choice!  I can choose to win.  Or I can choose to “give” in...  Each and every day we have a choice!  And I choose to say “NO” to smoking today!


There is a very easy way to become a winner! Just do not beg, buy or borrow another cigarette and you will win!  Drown any cigarettes you have!  And move on!  A craving only lasts about 10 minutes, at most, and do something else during that time!  It will pass!


And the more you do that very same thing, each and every time you think about lighting up...  You will become stronger!  Each time we say no...  we win!  And we keep building upon those “No’s”!


It is all about choice!  Let’s all have a great smoke free Tuesday, and keep our beautiful and precious quits, ok?