Note to self Day 2

Blog Post created by Rollingon on Jun 22, 2018

I just have to keep my hands busy right now. I can breath all day and I could keep plying this physiological game in my head. It was a great day and I was feeling really good. All my craves came and went fast. I change activities. Took brakes, got busy cleaned house again. LOL working on the car. I decided to bake and I love it. But, then it came in hard. As I looked out the window doing the dishes again today. I just can not shake it. I have moved rooms. I have done all the trick here. I just I do not want to smoke I know that but, my head wants me to. Anyone have a new brain around I can barrow.LOL. So I came here to make my hands busy as I have made everything else work now it is time for my fingers to do the work as my head has to read what I am doing or god help me what will come out.