8 Years and Going Strong

Blog Post created by Rick_M on Apr 3, 2017

8 years ago today I quit lighting up and burning cigs. I was getting bronchitis every winter because my lungs were burned up from 37 years of smoking and no longer could they fight off infection. The lectures about smoking from my Doc were getting real old and no way to argue back....he was right. I used Chantix and their support site they provided initially but the Chantix site was a daily post but went to weekly at my 6 th week. Really missed the daily pep talk and support from that site so I went surfing and found BecomeAnEX.  I am convinced I would have had that 'just one' eventually without the education and support EX provided. 


In retrospect quitting was not as hard as I always imagined it would be back in '09. I envied for years people who did not smoke, now I am one of them. If you have quit stay with it. You will get stronger every day you do not smoke. If you want to quit talk to your Doc and read all you can here on EX and stay in touch with the support this site provides. Quitting is only as hard as you make it.....Oh and BTW I have not had bronchitis since I quit and I have saved $15,000. A Win Win folks...