Nonny's becoming a Non-Smoker

Blog Post created by RenaNuggitsNonny17 on Jul 2, 2017

Hi everyone!! I am a 42 year old mama of 3, Nonny of 1 and very soon to be 2 granddaughters!!! I am a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant for going on 3 years now which can be very rewarding but also extremely stressful and most of my co workers are smokers so quitting is going to be a challenge for sure..... I've smoked for roughly 20 years or so I did quit during my pregnancies and breastfeeding my kids  but started back not long after weaning why I'm totally sure but I did.... I've decided not only to quit for me but my granddaughters as well my journey to becoming an EX starts today 7/2/2017